Welcome. I have found some great links this week and hope you enjoy them. I think I've been more productive this week than the entire last month. If you want to read a little about Indie iOS Focus Weekly as a business and how you can help me, read below. Otherwise, you can skip on to the links. Thanks! - @cdbeshore

Are you interested in supporting Indie iOS Focus Weekly AND getting some exclusive rewards? As we do with our apps, we have to look at different models for monetization. I'm giving the patronage model a try and have created some pretty great rewards for anybody who wants to check them out. The best thing about the patronage model is that everyone will continue to get the same Indie iOS Focus Weekly regardless. I'm not changing anything! You can also just say thank you without a donation if you want to show your support. I appreciate it either way.

How much do I make with Indie iOS Focus Weekly?
I love being transparent, so thought I would share my revenue numbers. Hosting costs around $42 a month. I sell two sponsorships a week. Sometimes I only have one sold, but generally I sell both. If I don't sell both, I'll try an affiliate link, of which I have yet to make even one dollar. The rate for the sponsorship is $60, but I do give discounts for multiple sponsorships. I generally spend about five hours per week on each issue. If you work out all the math based on 51 issues each year, I make about $14 an hour. I have spent a few hundred in advertising over the last year or so, which I didn't count because I needed to get this issue published! It's not a lot, but it is revenue that helps fund my indie lifestyle.

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