I'm excited this week to announce something very important. I'm actually learning Swift! As a developer with several projects and other things going on, I have only built one new app this year. I built it with Obj-C. Of course all my other apps are in Obj-C, so maintaining them has also been a priority. I admit to waiting a bit for Swift to mature (and for me to have time) until I switched. I'm confident my next app will be all Swift goodness. If you are looking to expand your Swift knowledge, you can go to Forward Swift in San Francisco with the great discount they are offering as a sponsor of this issue. Check out the link.

Side note: I installed iOS 10 Beta and my 6 y/o son is learning to code with the new playgrounds app. It is so awesome seeing him figuring it our himself. If you have a young one in your life, get them started! You'll be amazed at how much they can do on their own, even at a young age.

Now on to the links (tons of great stuff this week, BTW) - @cdbeshore

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