I have exciting news this week. Paul Kemp, The App Guy and I have launched a new Slack group called #iOSStack-friends. I want to give you the opportunity to get in early.

#iOSStack-friends is a community of like-minded app entrepreneurs, designers, developers, & makers. It’s a place to collaborate, discuss new products, find work, get feedback, or maybe even find a co-founder. You can also have significant impact on an iOS resource site Paul and I are working on, I'm really excited to work with Paul on this!

There's more information on the signup page. Join to start connecting and growing with other developers/entrepreneurs.

Sign Up Here

Invites are limited to maintain quality, but we are inviting about 10-20 people a day.




Don't Forget Your In-App Purchases

This week, I have a tip straight from my own experience with app review. I updated my app, Who's Calling, changing the revenue model to reward videos or the purchase of credits through in-app purchase. After the obligatory first binary rejection, I was approved in a few days. The next morning, after checking Crashlytics, I realized that in-app purchases were not working. It immediately dawned on me what had happened.

I did not submit my in-app purchases for review. You would think this would have been caught by the app review team. You would also think that there should be a warning pop up if you have in-app purchases tied to the app that you submitted for review. Neither of these things happened. For those that don't know, in-app purchases have to be submitted separately of the main binary. This is probably because you can add in-app purchases to apps already on the store without submitting a new binary.

The second part of the story is equally interesting. I requested an expedited review and it was granted. That in-app purchases were rejected. The reason? Because the monetization model of my app had changed, the app review team needed to review my app again. I had to upload a new binary. I also had to delete all the in-app purchases and create new ones with different names because itunesconnect isn't exactly prepared for oddities like this. It was a bit of a mess and it ended up taking two weeks for in-app purchases to function correctly.

Summary: Add "submit in-app purchases for review" to your pre-submission checklist. Don't be like me and forget! Also, a change in revenue model triggers a new look at your app to make sure you are following the Apple guidelines.