Hello all! You may have noticed I started taking sponsors a few weeks ago. I've been growing the newsletter since February and was excited a few weeks back when I had a couple of interested sponsors. I hope it helps show you the newsletter is here to stay and I look forward to many years of providing great iOS content.

I would greatly appreciate if you showed the sponsors some love and checked them out. This week, we have two great teachers, Paul Solt with a beginner iOS kickstarter campaign, and Wayne Bishop with an excellent Swift algorithms book.

Last week was a slow news week, but plenty of great stuff for you this week. Thanks for reading and be sure to share with your friends.

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Paid or Free or Why Bother

You can't make money on paid apps! You can't make money on free apps! I guess we are all in the wrong business. You can make money on both, you just have to be smart and realistic. I saw several links this week arguing both sides. Here are three I thought were relevant to you.

Don’t base your business on a paid app by DHH

Sorry Indies, Your Free App Will Make You Broke by Ashli N

Paid, Paymium or Freemium? by Dan Counsell

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