Welcome! Tons of content this week, as you could imagine, with WWDC taking up the lion share. I did like the keynote and the new technologies. It's always a little disappointing when we don't get new hardware or one more thing, but I think what was introduced was pretty substantial. My 8-year-old son watched the keynote with me and seeing his eyes go from the lego demo to the parental control stuff was pretty funny. As a user, I'm excited about the controls and notification features coming in iOS 12.

You'll get more of my comments below, but I would say that I expect many of us will be making the necessary changes next year for our apps to run on the Mac. I installed Yosemite on my backup MacBook and so far so good. I wouldn't install it or the iOS beta on my carry phone or Mac for a bit, but I love the look of Yosemite dark mode.🌚 We'll see if I stick with it or not. It was pretty cool to open the Mac late in the day and see the desert night!

Don't forget I'm off next week! Disneyworld with the family, so wish me luck. 🤪 I think it's the first week I've taken off from Indie iOS Focus Weekly in a year to two and I'm looking forward to some rest as we've built some non-park time into the trip. I'll be back in full force with plenty of WWDC followup on Thursday the 21st.

Also, I have tons of extra links I'll be sending out to Patreon subscribers that just wouldn't fit in this issue. If you're interested in getting those, you can for as little as $1 of support a month.

On to the links!

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