Welcome! Hope everyone had a good week. There was quite a bit of news around Apple this week. As I suspected, the number of apps in the App Store decreased for the first time ever. Apple cracking down on quality and skins is just part of it. As this market matures, it's not fun to release an app that doesn't make any money. Unless it's a hobby app, you have to work really hard to turn a profit, so numbers will stabilize.

I've also summarized some of the interesting findings from the recent Indie iOS Focus Weekly reader survey at the bottom of this issue. I'm going to start focusing more on the topics you want more of! On to the links...

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One More Thing

Some results from the recent Indie iOS Focus Weekly reader survey

  • The winner, by a narrow margin, for which day the newsletter should go out was Sunday, with the current day a close second. I've been doing Thursday for so long, and it fits my weekly workflow so well, that I don't see myself updating the day at this time. I also remember Dave Verwer, curator of iOS Dev Weekly, changing his publication date a couple years ago and there was quite a backlash.
  • 70% of you code your own apps and 10% are brand new to mobile development
  • Swift, design, and Xcode are the top three requested topics
  • Finding time to work on your own projects is the biggest challenge (by a wide margin)
  • About half of you have developed for Android or would if you had the training
  • Half of you have a corporate dev job