Welcome! I found some good links this week, but as a link junky, I'm going to point you to the Swift section where Mybridge has put together the best Swift links of 2017 by popularity. Make sure to check that one out.

I'm excited to say I'm in the home stretch to submitting version 2.0 of Quit That!. I'm adding accessibility, localization for four languages, a Swift re-write, a cool countdown timer, and the ability to schedule quits in the future. I've been dealing with all the screenshots, app videos, and final bug testing this week. It's great to be back focused after knee surgery and I'm looking forward to using this foundation to add some much-needed features to the app (notifications, password protection). I'm also deep thinking the revenue model. I know I have many users who will gladly pay and the patronage model I currently use is not ideal. I just have to figure out which way works best. Side note: Check out the podcast section below for a great discussion on revenue models.

On to the links!



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