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Quick update on replacing the battery in my iPhone 6s...
A couple weeks ago I wrote about my battery problems on my 6s. This was right before the Apple CPU slowdown for older batteries controversy. I bought a recommended battery on Amazon for $26. I am happy to report my iPhone is now behaving like new. I didn't have the CPU slowdown (at least noticeably), but I did have a battery that would be dead by 2 or 3 in the afternoon regardless of use. Even though the Apple Store will now replace the battery for $29, I still would do it myself. It's roughly the same price and I can avoid the hassle. Of course, I have replaced many screens and batteries before, so if you aren't inclined to crack open your phone, at least you now have an affordable option with Apple. For those that want to do it yourself, simply find the appropriate iFixit tutorial and take your time, reading everything carefully.




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