Welcome! Hope everyone is having a great week. I have to confess I haven't been as motivated with my work lately. I'm still getting stuff done, just not as much. The newsletter hasn't suffered, but I haven't been working as hard in my other endeavors. I think that by feeling a little lazy, my body has been telling me to take a break. As someone who doesn't get paid if I take time off, that's tough, but I'm starting to feel more refreshed. Don't forget to pull your head out of your Macbook and relax sometimes, right? :)

This week I want to highlight one of my Patreon supporters. Ross Rojek with AppToolkit has been gracious enough to offer an exclusive 50% discount on Screenshot Builder Pro or Website Builder Pro to Indie iOS Focus Weekly readers. The coupon code is "ios-focus50". These are great tools to quickly create your app web site or build the perfect screenshots. Thanks to Ross for supporting Indie iOS Focus Weekly.

If you would like to become a Patreon supporter and get a shoutout for your project, check out the perks here. On to the links! - @cdbeshore

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