Last week, you were probably welcomed to Indie iOS Focus Weekly by a post with white text. White on white is apparently difficult to read. The short story? I made a small change before I published the newsletter and did not preview. Oops! To teach an app lesson from this experience, ALWAYS build and run one last time before you submit to the App Store. Take five minutes to go through all the screens on your app, testing common functions and layout. My guess is you will see something that you'll want to fix.

So what was in that mysterious white text. A link to sign up for an invitation to our quickly growing iOS Slack group. Here's the info.

A couple weeks ago Paul Kemp, The App Guy, and I launched a new Slack group called #iOSStack-friends. We are already 211 strong! Lots of good conversations going on from developers in all parts of the world. The group has turned into a great mix of developers and founders. Head on over to the link below to request an invite.

#iOSStack-friends is a community of like-minded app entrepreneurs, designers, developers, & makers. It’s a place to collaborate, discuss new products, find work, get feedback, or maybe even find a co-founder. You can also have significant impact on an iOS resource site Paul and I are working on,

There's more information on the signup page. Join to start connecting and growing with other developers/entrepreneurs. - @cdbeshore

Sign Up Here