Welcome! After a couple of weeks off, Indie iOS Focus Weekly is back with a bunch of good links. I'm going to have an issue today, one next week, and take a couple of weeks off for the holidays.

I'm at a crossroads with the newsletter. I launched this newsletter almost five years ago as a way for me to get more involved in the app community. I've loved a lot of it and enjoyed finding links and making contacts with other developers. I've made some money, but never enough for it to be considered any more than a hobby side hustle. It's similar to the apps we make in our spare time that end up giving us some lunch money. In the last year I've scaled up my core income, bookselling on Amazon, tremendously and my focus needs to be on that as much as possible. The newsletter is still fun and I still enjoy it. I'm just not sure I'm committed to the weekly hours it takes to put out a good product.

Anyway, I haven't decided yet if next week will be the last issue. I have to do some thinking this month. Another possibility is working with another app developer on a transition. Anyway, just dumping my thoughts here. Hit me up with a reply to this newsletter if you have any thoughts or ideas.

Also, be sure to check out my sponsors. One is an interesting take on a To-Do app that works a bit differently. I think developers specifically will really like it. On to the links!

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