Welcome. Tons of great stuff in this weeks issue. I promised a little more details on the app I sold, so here goes.

I decided to sell my app Who's Calling because I didn't want to maintain the app anymore and I knew it had a pretty high value. I would rather have the cash now than hold onto an app I wasn't that interested in maintaining.

I sold through Flippa, an online marketplace for websites and apps. My reserve for the auction was $13,500, but no bidder met the reserve. I think the highest bid was about $10,000. However, after the auction was over, one bidder wanted to negotiate and we ended up agreeing on a final sale price of $12,000. Flippa does take a commission, but I felt it was reasonable. They were very helpful and responsive and I would definitely use them again.

The app was making about $500 a month steady for several years with nice downloads. Overall the selling experience was smooth. Both the buyer and I were very transparent and had several email chats about the future of the app. My advice if you are looking to sell is to find out what the app is worth, Flippa can help there, and be completely transparent and as helpful as possible throughout the whole process. Now I don't have to feel guilty for not updating the app in a while! If you have any questions about the process, you can reply to this email. I'd love to help other devs.

Also, thanks to a new sponsor, Be sure to check them out. On to the links!

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