Welcome! I want to sincerely thank all 164 of you who completed the Indie iOS Focus Weekly survey the last couple weeks. I've had a chance to go over the results a little and am exciting to dive in deeper and reveal a few things next week. One insightful thing I found was that an overwhelming majority of you like to code. I'll have to add some more links around that, I guess. 😉

If you missed the survey, remember you can always reply directly to the newsletter with feedback, links, or stuff you are doing that might interest your fellow devs.

I also have the two $25 Amazon gift card winners. One hasn't gotten back to me yet, so I'll hold off saying anything, but the other is Jennifer Starratt. She's an iOS engineer at MailChimp. That's really cool! Indie iOS Focus Weekly was born on MailChimp over three years ago. Anyway, congrats to Jennifer and one more time I will thank all that participated. On to the links!

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