Welcome! It was a crazy week for me as version 2.0 of Quit That! continued to need fixes. Turns out, if you convert from Objective-C to Swift and make some design changes, your users will quickly let you know. Who knew! 🤔 It's a good thing to have users that care. I also realized there were a couple of debugging strategies I could have used before release that would have caught some of the issues. Live and learn. With 3,000 daily users, my app is 100% crash free. I am proud of that! 😎

In releasing version 2.0, I'm very thankful for two things. First, updating your app doesn't reset your reviews. It seems crazy that we lived with that for so long. So many apps weren't updated to avoid losing their ratings. Also, I'm very happy apps are now reviewed so quickly. Both of my bug fix updates were approved in about a day.

I don't think you can ever be fully prepared for a big update or new release. You just have to able to roll with the punches and it's easier now with these two big changes.

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