Welcome! I hope you had a great week. I successfully submitting and received approval for Quit That! 2.0 earlier this week. Quit That! was also featured in this post about the top 25 best mental health apps. It's really cool to get recognition. Now if only I could monetize. 🤔

This morning I received an email from a user saying they loved and hated the UI of Quit That!, which sounds about like how I feel about all my design work. I emailed back asking for what he didn't like and told him I wouldn't be offended regardless of how brutal he was. He has already sent me a detailed response with great feedback (he seems to know a bit about UI). I love feedback like this. It is a tiny bit painful to read someone picking apart your app, but it's a great feeling to improve based on those criticisms. Enjoy the links!









Third-Party Libraries