Welcome! Links are picking up this week and that's good news. I'm just now realizing that Indie iOS Focus Weekly is almost three years old. I estimate I have shared over 1,400 links, and that's not included the extra link newsletter for Patreon supporters. That's just crazy. I wish I kept all that knowledge in my head. 🤓

I had knee surgery a few weeks ago (too many years of basketball) and am happy to report that I am off crutches and halfway through wearing a leg brace all the time. Less than three weeks to go! I even have to sleep in the damn thing. It's affected my productivity more than expected. Not being able to take walks and be very active bums me out. This gives me a new perspective on others who struggle with mobility or other issues too. My only advice would be to consider the stress you are putting on your body. I wouldn't trade my years of fun playing sports, but I might reconsider the amount of time spent or some of the training I have done. Anyway, hope everyone had a great new year and here's to a healthy and prosperous 2018!




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